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You will be provided by a complete customer solution with a strong relationship focus. Together we will build up your tailored IT automotive solution addressing not only your current but also future needs. We will eliminate the unnecessary workload making sure your core business is in the center of attention.

  • Fitting your Needs

    Your solution will be based on your true needs. We will not let you invest into something without being sure about your benefits from this investment.

  • Tailored Solutions

    We will only provide you with a solution you need, not with a lot of unnecessary additional ballast. We revolutionize the traditional IT business models and offer modular set-up and services across the entire vehicle management process chain.

  • Flexibility

    Thanks to our agile methodology we do not only provide you with a high level of expertise, but with a high level of flexibility as well to make your solution reactive to the current fast changing market place.

  • Your Success

    At the end of the day your success is ours. We will expand your existing performance boundaries through new features and functions making sure that you stay ahead of the competition.

Request Demo

Request Demo

Request a free demo of our Click2Stock System! Fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you. Please let us know some details about you, your company and how you would like to use our system.


We know what it is like to manage a growing vehicle streams, keep up with the competition and finally satisfy your fast changing customer needs. We also know the importance of having the right IT management solution in place. We have a widespread understanding of your business. Therefore, we decide to deliver a business service innovation to help you overcome your challenges and utilise your full business potentials.

With us you will experience a new way of IT support. Business wise our solution is holistic covering the entire vehicle management stream. IT architecture wise it is set up on a flexible modular base. Hence you can be sure, that you only get a solution addressing your real needs.

Click2Stock is a web-based automotive IT solution that consolidates all of your vehicle management operations into one place. Click2Stock helps you to eliminate the unnecessary workload, support your core businesses and enable you to focus on your key strength – buying & selling vehicles.

We will help you innovate, adapt and compete in a constantly changing technology landscape. We not only understand your business and market, we also understand the emerging technologies defining the current digital world.  We work with agility, speed and innovation.  We move fast, and so will you.

As an IT solution provider with a unique product we have to possess the ability to manage continuity as well as change.  We are able to distinguish between what is core to preserve and what is required to stimulate progress toward the future. To be successful we understand the importance of preserving our core values & purpose – what we believe in and why we are here – while stimulating the progress powered by our envisioned future.

We emphasize flexibility … We see challenges from fresh perspectives for new solutions, which are not bound by any market conditions or target groups. Our ongoing product enhancements following the modular set-up supports this principle.

We believe into new technology … We are committed to continued development and investments into innovative approaches – mobile application and connectivity, while keeping things simple and user friendly.  We offer a state-of-the-art product that we take pride in.

We promote entrepreneurship … We encourage each others individual creativity and ability in order to deliver high quality and out of the box results. We do not believe in hierarchy or organisational structures. Our ideas, innovations and deliveries are created within teams oriented towards a common goal.

We help our customers to realize their full potential by addressing their real needs. We are pioneers in terms of focusing not only on today´s but also on tomorrow´s challenges. We are not replacing any existing product, but rather continuously fill gaps to make our customers more successful and ahead of their competition.


We offer a variety of linked services such as business support & consulting to help you overcome other challenges you might be facing. Our partner companies range from production, engineering, across sales and aftersales.  Our strong analytical bench can support you to get the most out of the data gathered via your IT management system and thus create additional advantage in the high competitive market.


Here at Click2Stock, we hold a passion for innovation, brilliant ideas and the execution that brings them all together in one extraordinary experience.

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